High Paying Drug, High Reimbursement Drugs, High Wac Drugs, High Awp Drugs, Profitable Drugs

High Paying Drug, High Reimbursement Drugs, High Wac Drugs, High Awp Drugs, Profitable Drugs

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The U.S contributed a whopping $323 billion in 2016, up from $216 billion about 10 years ago, as per government records. Pharmaceuticals contributing to total healthcare expenses are also increasing rapidly. As nowadays, with the ease of online and pharmacies built on every grocery and departmental store, it might be presumed that retail pharmacies and distributors are filling their money bags and profits are huge on prescription drugs. But profit margin on drugs is relatively low compared to low reimbursement regulated by private and government third-party policies.

A drug reimbursement is an aisle where a third party pays a drug company for a part of a prescription, or it is possible where the third party repays the consumer portion of all prescription prices. Though the insurance companies handle the process in different ways, some pharmacies offer High reimbursement drugs and handle the rest of the transaction by providing company claims to insurance companies.

At Pharmox, we understand maximizing reimbursement is a crucial component of healthy community pharmacy. We strive to serve our patients best and provide quality services, ensuring they receive top-notch services while saving their time and money.

Patients pay cash for their prescriptions, while others opt for Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance plans. Medicaid programs pay up for more than one-quarter of medicines dispensed. However, later it was changed for Medicaid from Average Wholesale Price to Average Manufacturer Price.

At Pharmox, we strive to increase reimbursement while benefiting consumers and our stakeholders. We can collaborate and help your pharmacies increase reimbursement and revenue parallely. Our mission is to support hospitals and pharmacies by providing innovative, quality-focused, and business-driven strategies to help them thrive financially and boost their net revenue.

Why choose Pharmox?

  • Quality – We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of services and products to our clients. We aspire to grow through error-free work always collaboratively.
  • Management – We offer revenue management tools that can help you minimize administrative burdens.
  • Drive business – Our mission is to improve quality care and provide a breadth of drug types with accurate and timely delivery, reliability, and competitive prices for your drug distribution needs.

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