How to Increase Sales as Independent Pharmacy

The pharmacy market recently has endured some significant changes, especially in terms of online pharmacies worldwide. In 2014 the global online market was estimated to be worth 29 billion U.S dollars, while by 2023, it is expected to expand to 128 billion dollars. In the past year, we have witnessed huge demand in the pharma sector, and it is no turning back.

However, dwelling a higher success rate in a booming industry doesn’t translate that business is easy. There is an enormous number of pharmacies established these days, there is higher competition getting more arduous, and profit and success are at stake. Pharmox, as a Licensed wholesale drug distributor, strives to produce products and services to Independent Pharmacies suppliers to augment their business and provide some savvy marketing tips to boost your front-end sales.

The National Community Pharmacist Association digest states that per-prescription profit is decreasing in independent pharmacies. There is a need for dynamic marketing approaches and a more agile and more innovative salesforce to settle up with incremental growth. Companies have added value to patients and provided products and health services packages to sustain future growth and performance.

Some of the battle-tested and proven approaches as an Independent Pharmacies supplier need to concentrate on a flourishing and nourishing business.

Facilitate online sales

Digital advertising and marketing have leveled up and modified the shape of online sale, making it excellent to convert and retain users. Both developed and developing countries have experienced higher demand for over-the-counter, generic medicines as well as wellness products online. Facilitating customers with a friendly interface and easy to explore options would double conversion rates. Search designed and well optimized on-site can be a real game-changer.

You need to fine-tune several search components and User’s behaviors. Also, the design, capabilities of your search bar, layout features, filters, and facets everything should be optimized to provide a friendly and streamlined process.

Use loyalty scheme

Though loyalty schemes are old-fashioned but still one of the effective methodologies to give a competitive edge to customers, loyalty schemes should be offline and digital. They help local businesses increase footfalls and online exposure. Spending $50 with us and get a $5 voucher free are some of the lucrative incentives that customers would love to redeem. As an Independent Pharmacies supplier assists you to formulate a core audience who will organically increase your customer base and elevate your business to others.

Introduce new products

Though prescription sales would drive the bulk of revenue, research suggests that almost 11 percent of independent pharmacy sales are pulled from front-end business. With limited budgets and shelf space, pharmacies have supplemented more products online with added specifications to thrive out business and streamline the process.

As pharmaceutical companies are looking for innovative and thriving commercial models to prepare for uncertainties ahead, personalization and digital enablement will be vital approaches to launch success in a new environment.

Want to start an independent pharmacy business?

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