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With last year’s pandemic and numerous health issues, U.S population health threats are a significant concern. Recent examples include the Ebola virus outbreak, the 2003 SARS epidemic and 2009 with H1N1 influenza and 2019 with Novel Coronavirus. Headline further deteriorated the ambience with the emergence of COVID-19 new variants. The world hasn’t seen a pandemic like COVID-19 since Spanish influenza was triggered in 1918.

Each of the issues is a cause of public health concern. Global health plays a crucial role in both global security and the growth of the nation. But beyond these threats, there are major other health issues that society has faced for decades, regardless of discrete developments and events.

As a Licensed whole drug distributor, we are concerned for the health and well-being of the community and strive to provide the best support and continuum care to knock out uncertain times and safeguard population health.

Centres of Disease Control and Prevention monitors top public health issues and have enlisted some of the significant areas to be focused on that are continuing to be at risk and can prove challenging threats in the near future. Though antibiotics revolutionized the care of infections, chronic diseases and much more, living longer and healthier lives is still a notion.

  1. Health care complications

In the U.S and throughout the globe, there are many individuals and vulnerable communities that still lack access to quality healthcare for a number of reasons. The high cost of drugs prices, hospitalization, insurance coverage, lack of available services, lack of culturally competent care are the contributing factors to this problem.

We strive to provide Drugs wholesale prices quality care and reduce the barrier of a financial burden on both the individual and healthcare system as a whole. We specifically open the opportunities and potential solutions to challenges, addressing disparities affecting health care access and increased access to unserved communities.

  1. Violence and Trauma

Being in the industry for decades as a Medical office supplier, we have witnessed and acknowledged many victims of violent crimes, physical assault, child abuse, and much more. Exposure to trauma is a major barrier and impact on health. Violence does not only impacts direct victims but entire communities as well. Exposure to trauma can wrench brain development, especially in children, and have prolonged impacts on health.

  1. Opioid epidemic

Opioids drugs include fentanyl, heroin, and prescription painkillers like oxycodone and morphine. Being highly addictive in nature, dependence and abuse of these drugs have been witnessed a lot. In 2017, this epidemic was declared a public health emergency, and the deaths by drug overdoses spiked to 68 per cent.

  1. Influenza pandemic

Medical office suppliers are still struggling to provide effective treatment for the spread of influenza. As noted, these pandemics have occurred four times in the past century, and experts believe we could see another pandemic soon. Licensed wholesale drug distributors provide flu vaccines and other resources persistently in the hope of preventing this public health threat to become a reality.

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